CSGO LE: What Is The Value And Worth Of This Rank?

Game Matches Players

Like other millions of games on the Internet, CSGO, also known as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online sport that allows players to play the game online from the comfort of their home. They can interact and compete with other players across the globe. The game has millions of fans worldwide which increase the player traffic and the competition of the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The game consists of rankings and levels which are decided on basis of the skills and expertise a player owns. These ranks range from noobs to Global Elite. Players who are unable to develop a good understanding and expertise about the game remain stuck at lower levels. Achieving higher ranks is not a child’s play.

CSGO Legendary Eagle

The game comprises of 18 ranks in total that are considered vital. Including the other lower ranks and levels may sum up to a total of 40 ranks. The top 18 ranks begin from a Silver rank and the group continues up to the next 6 ranks. Then comes the 4 Gold Nova ranks. This is followed by the 4 Mater Guardian ranks after which exists the Elite group. As the name evidently suggests, this group comprises of 4 Elite ranks which everyone strives for.

Legendary Eagle or CSGO LE is the first rank of the Elite group. It is very difficult to attain this rank and it is only possible if a player has an excellent understanding of the game, its skills, and techniques. This rank places the player in the top 9.83% of all CSGO players. It implies that if that player is put in a room full of 99 other players, then he carries the potential of beating 90 of them.