Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike is an online game showing fights and games of war between players across the globe. Users can simply register and play the game with other users all over the world. It draws heavy user traffic because of the game’s millions of fan followers which makes it difficult for players to move up to higher ranks. Therefore, players need a boost from the CSGO to hit higher ranks in the game. It also helps players to communicate with each other, therefore, and learn new skills and strategies to excel in the game.

FACEIT Pro League

It is an online game matchmaking assistance provided by FACEIT. The rules are very simple. A group of 10 players is formed and 2 captains are chosen from it. Further, captains pick up from the remaining players to form two teams of five players each. The game features numerous new stars and fresh players who compete among themselves to win the title. The FACEIT Pro League, also popularly known as the CSGO FPL creates a game zone for the top CSGO players where the users compete for honor, pride, and a monthly prize of $20,000.

How to qualify for CSGO FPL

Top CSGO players can compete for CSGO FPL through the FPL Circuit. Players from various countries and regions across the globe operate here in 50 divisions. Players are required to qualify the FPL-C which selects the top 5 players every month. Once a player has qualified the FPL-C, they need to achieve the top two positions in the FPL battle that is conducted every month.

Based on these ranks and performances, players who become successful in building an expert understanding of the game along with professional skills can compete for the CSGO FPL and get a chance to win the monthly prize.