Overview of Faceit Elo Levels

Matches Teams

Faceit is a production company that brings an independent platform for the players to play in professional competitions. You can play here within multiplayer video games. It is based in London and founded in 2012. They are administrating various sports leagues on games like League of legends, global offensive, rocket league, DOTA2, and many more. It was founded by Michele attisani, Niccolo Maisto and Alessandro Avallone.

How To Play Faceit

If you don’t want to lose everything on this platform, then make sure you know the basics of games. There is a strategy that can make you workable and give you success. Here you can see the steps to play on faceit. Let’s see what are they?

Step 1:  Faceit Website

First of all, visit the actual site of faceit.

Step2: Faceit Account

The next step is to sign up. For sign up you just need an email. So, fill your email and signup to the faceit, and don’t forget to confirm your account. You need to create a secret password code for faceit account. Its process is pretty straightforward. You just need to fill the blanks and confirm it.

Step3: Set Your Account

If you successfully created the faceit account, then you can access the games of faceit. Now, you need to register on CSGO to do the set of games. It is very simple to register there, just process the signup and log in your faceit account.

Step 4: Ready To Play

Now you are ready to play, you can play soliloquy, lobby, and with your friend’s party.

When you had assigned up then a profile is created. Here, you are assigned an elo. Elo is like a measure that can represent your skill level in-game. There are many faceit elo levels available which you need to cross to increase the ranking. You need a good skill to cross each elo level.